An Addict

Sitting backwards on the toilet, the needle pierces the skin and all cares fade away.
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom
46-50, M
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Escape that is drugs way,but to wake up and see your better than that

I fear of finding my husband dead of just his heart giving out......HUGS,KIC

Maybe he will decide to change. There's always hope

15 years and no change he will never be able to quit, I gave up a long time ago....HUGS,KIC

And yet you're still here, obviously you are being kept alive for reasons beyond your comprehension. Be thankful for most addicts...lost their lives to drugs.

Then one day that needle pierces the skin and everything fades away, leaving your loved ones with a loss in there lives.

This refers to long ago but I've had numerous friends to die from overdose.

glad to hear it.. that needle took my bro.

One person was like a brother. I have been spared for some reason. Wish I knew what that reason is

It's a mystery Pent, maybe you're meant for a greater purpose. :)

everything for a reason... lol problem is we never usually know what that reason is.

Lol it's mind boggling....! I'm not suppose to be here either, was suppose to die at birth...and yet....I'm still alive. Why? I dunno, I hate the suspense!

More will be revealed, I hope

Time will tell my friend.

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i guess we all have something that we use to take away the cares.

This one refers to 25 years ago but there's always another demon waiting to take over

i know what you mean *hugs*

=) yes chiquito *hugs tight*

She gave me a kiss

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I remember feeling that way about a line of coke.

Same thing