Mind Control

People come and people go but my power over you is forever, I am omnipotent.
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HE HE HE....sigh!


Eh! nonsense....

( sneaks in ) don't let anybody speak to you that way.... ( sneaks out )

Wow, no conceit in YOUR family, 'cause you got it all, lmao. Omnipotent huh? *smiles*

These words are being delivered to me. I couldn't determine how to write it without confusion but most people understood it.

Those who try to control others, are actually/leave themselves open to control.

Your power over ME is NOT for eternity, simply because one's ego can get in the way of the humility one must experience in life, as humanity must. If it WERE for eternity, then I have not lived this life, and it was for naught. It is for naught to live for any one person, including one's religious deity.

I understood it. Don't shot the messager.

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I yield to you, you are omnipotent. Your power over me is absolute for eternity.

Sorry, I misread that last word is impotent for some reason. Had a good laugh then read again.

lmao @ ROMVS

I've felt like the powerless one before. It's like you worship the powerful one and other times hate the powerlessness you feel. Bad memories there.

Thanks. I believe you get this one

Very nice.. This is the power of a true addiction

i found the one, life was perfect, then i found another, i needed her, as much as i needed him....

And some poor souls are legends in their own minds....

What does this story mean to you? If you don't mind my asking? I know what it means to me. Its also not me talking. Its something speaking to me.

Well a diety may choose to go against one's own law- or embrace it.
One has to find a balance between arrogance and humility.
Some however, choose to uphold their egotism and self righteousness above those who are more focused on reality as he believes, hence, leads a more humble path......that is not saying that they are less proud or their beliefs are less to those who believe it to be true in their minds.

*raises eyebrows*. Good one

Hope it wasn't confusing :d.

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Hahahaha Wonderful. Love it <3


You're welcome :o)

I know....I can smell you from here!!!!!And you smell lovely......I,I'm...I can't think straight..I,I'm losing...losing control...I................!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

AHHHHHHHHHHHH..........WHEW!!!That was a close one.........hey,man,knock that **** off will ya?

That...is disturbing lol. I'm assuming this relates to those who could've hurt or abandoned you in life, you can still live on and be happy knowing they have no more influence on you. That is true power, accepting what happened and moving on with a smile.

That is creepy, in a way.

It is. Thank you