The Remodel .........

Keep repeating....It will be STUNNING when it's finished.BUT! In the meantime.... SH!t...Dammit!
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Very funny and true. This could be about so many different things.

It's kinda funny that we plan and plan... And we think projects ( and other things in life) will go smoothly for all our plans. It doesn't always work that way I've learned.
I'm kinda embarrassed I swore in this story though. Lol

but it made the situation so much more real and you more human as a result. Swearing in the right place can be very effective. Overuse and it loses potency.

I could say I just needed two more words to come up with 15.... Yeah, that's it! Lol

Anyone who has lived with in the meantime will understand your story. When the progress stops and in the meantime becomes the norm, then you have a problem.


I can relate to this very well :(

Haha.... A friend and I are getting ready to leave town for 3 days! Yippie...the remodel will still be here upon my return. It really has been a pain in the bummie! Oxox

*hands you the nerf shooter* Welcome to Therapy! Fire at will! Don't helps! :)

Haha.... I just don't have the go all day stamina I used to have...where's the muscle rub?