Foolish Dreams

The heart wants what it can't have, hoping that foolish dreams will come to pass..
moondancelady moondancelady
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

Awwww......I hope the migraine stopped! I loved your comment back at Superman and have a lil something to say on it. I can be honest and say I have never had HUGE aspirations like winning any championships, I always keep to the simple stuff that for me... is the meaning of my own life...Just getting from one day to the next and really seeing and appreciating all the tiny things that make a life, a life, like the smile a stranger gives me that I actually SAW and answered with a smile back....BIG goals and ideals intimidate me...Simple is wayyyy more do-able....

I totally agree. I never need to be number one or in competition with everyone. I hate like simple too..I am a background person..I hate too much attention. I don't even tell anyone my birthday so I don't have to deal with that attention either:)

Wonderfully truly is our hearts that often find the means to betray us.

Aways..over and over. I never really believed in love as it shouldn't be so painful. If something hurts that cannot be love! Am I nuts??? LOL

Yup! Snap.