Goodbye Love

Today he buried his love, life, confidante, friend. His future looks bleak, cold and worthless.
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From the moment I fell in love with my H , I have dreaded the inevitable.
So sad Moon.
Losing the ones we love is the hardest thing we will ever face.

It really is. love sort of wraps us in cotton wool. protects us from the world. when we lose a loved one..we start to notice a big world with a lot of strange people..and no love to help shield us from it:(

This is scary for me.....I honestly don't know what would be left of me if something happened to hubs....I don't know if I could go on......I can't even think about it.

It is going to be scary to watch him too:(
They had no children together..they meant everything to each other..I always wanted that..but this is gonna be bad! I know he would never trade those years away for nothing..not even to avoid this pain!


fool? it is not his fault she died and he doesn't want to go on...

no i guess i am i read it as he stopped loving her... sorry :)

I suppose it could read like that..I was thinking of a man like my father who buried his wife of God knows how many years. They did every thing together..I have no idea how he will keep it together now:(

sorry honey hope he does well hugs

me too:(

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