" Your Heart Is Open "

It is a grave error

To think that

An open heart

Is a foolish one
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
1 Response Nov 19, 2012

Very very true,my heart is open to many things however I am not a foolish person.

Hi Garvan, thanks so much for stopping by... I took that little 'what color is your heart' mini test. ( laughs.... Considers it food for thought) ... First trait, " open heart." Sometimes BOLDER people mistake openness as an invitation to walk all over " the weaker." ( enter family stage right) ..... ( thinks: I'm open, but I'm NOT your doormat!)

Yes,I hear what you are saying,it is not in my character to try to walk all over anyone.I dislike that trait,it is not in me.:-)

( high 5 ) keep on keepin on.... :-).... And by the way, BRAVO!