Accidental Voyeur

Firm, smooth, delectable, I catch a glimpse from outside your window, and I smile deviously.
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I always wonder if it's best if the subject knows that he has a voyeur...

Somehow I think this particular subject would relish the knowledge.

Scrambling madly, I quickly press my lily-white cheeks firmly against the cool glass. Moonshine.

Laughing too hard to come up with a response, OW. That image. Good lord. :D

My work here is done. Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses before you leave. Goodnight folks!

You're work is never done. You're not getting off that easily, but nice try. I always tip well. Yes, I'm an actress, but I used to be a waitress. ;)

There is something about this story that keeps catching my eye . . . I truly enjoy it in all of it's brevity.

Thanks. I was inspired, maybe even encouraged, to write it, but I quite like it.

You should like it. It is fantastic.

Aw, thank you. *blushing*

*celebrates getting the blush response*

I don't typically blush in real life, but certain EP comments and messages seem to arouse that response in me.

I am suddenly curious about your inspiration . . .

I'll never tell... ;)

Not even in a moment of weakness after a few glasses of wine?

Well, maybe then. I've been known to commit far worse sins after a few glasses of wine.

Lol. Thank you.

Hey, I may be flirty, but I don't think I'd be classified as easy. ;)

I just want to see what kind of lubrication a few glasses of wine will bring . . .

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Did you not realize
that my show
was meant
just for you alone
to enjoy.

Hmmm...I thought it was for any neighbors that happened to catch you standing there.

next time....
look at my eyes
instead of my body
and you will certainly.....

I am as distracted by yours as well
uh oh
have I just confessed?

I was distracted by the body on display, but didn't want to be seen looking.

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I suppose you were just walking by minding your own!

Of course! Not my fault he leaves his curtains open for the world to see. :)

Of course! :)

Lol. You're too much. :D