Saying no to so much, what she really meant was yes yes to it all!
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Saying not so much !!! I am amazed to see this because you in blog called Writing ... Just kidding... I read the whole story and its nice.

Broadband for Business

I bet I could make a whole list of things she would say no to.

LOL...for sure, you are a man! :D Just kidding

You're kidding about me being a man?

Noooo! O.o As a man you can instinctively give me a huge list of things that I wouldn't want to do. Its like, automatic for YOU people :))

The list I was thinking of would apply to most people, not just, you know, YOU people. Traffic tickets, underwear that just don't fit right, flat tires, so on.

Oh, I was thinking of work to do. :) You are correct I would say no to all of those things...ok now I need to edit the post! Errrr

I cant now on the Kindle. Will have to do it later. :)

LOL! This is a strange feeling. I was right and I am still male! :))

Technically you are not. Just being polite! And yes that male is oozing out of you now!

Damn, I hate when my male oozes out.

Hehee! See! There you go again. Maleness everywhere! LOL

I think I may need a mop.

A mop and all I said was no! Poor man. :)

Or were you thinking about the yes to it all!!! Now I gotcha! You man!

What can I say, I like women that say yes :)

Don't you all! @.@

Yes! I'm pretty sure women prefer men that say yes, also.

Well this could take us to 5 o'clock...I bet I could make a list of things I would not want you to say yes wearing my favorite dress out, watching my sewing show I like or going with me to a fabric shop to pick out materials. Of course wearing uncomfortable under wear also! :p

I wouldn't wear a dress but I have totally rocked a kilt. I have a sewing machine and I have used it to actually sew things, watching a show about sewing might not be on my bucket list but I would if I needed to. And, I have uncomfortable underwear and I do have to wear them sometimes.

You have to try harder than that.

Such a man response! Actually like that of an eighteen year old! :p
what's next? Pull my ponytail?

Only if you ask me to. Otherwise, no!

Okay, I walked right into that one...must be the lack of sleep! Darn it!

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