She writes. He misinterprets. He writes. She saddens. Please, just pick up the damn phone.
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I think we rely on the written conversation too much these days. Sometimes, you can't replace a phone call. So hard to communicate all the time through written words.

I completely agree. It's much too easy to misunderstand when you can't read body language or intonation / inflection. Don't get body language over the phone unless it's Skype but verbal cues can be so important to clearer communication.

I do believe that all of us have lived this at different times, especially recently ...

Yes, we've all been there at some point. I spent the week writing and have several to post so beware, lol.


Goodness, is it time to fortify the Castle walls?

Yes, and make sure the moat is filled and replenished with nasty beasts...

Done and done ... I had the huntsmen round up a few trolls and monsters in your absence ...

Well done huntsman! Must reward that man sufficiently.

And you as we'll for your foresight, dear one. I believe there are hot peasant boys in the dungeon...

*smiles innocently and quietly slips away* ...

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Yet I was always led to believe that a picture was worth a thousand words.

That is indeed true, but an actual conversation is usually better for clearing confusion, at least in my experience.