Just A Note


Don't mean to interrupt your reading,


I just wanted to say, "You're beautiful."

Love, BeautifulDreams42

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27 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You are beautiful also and thank you :)

Same to ya :)

*grins* Really good one.

That is one thing you would never have to worry about I love to read what you share.

It is my honor to be called your friend by such a lovely writer as you, lol,Keith

Simple yet great!:D

How lovely!

Thank you, even though you don't really know me, it still made me feel prettyyy and witty and bright inside :) (see what I did there?)

i want to meet someone who understands me

Such a nice way to start my day!

aw thanks, and i am having such a "bad hair" day !...you are beautiful too!

NO Im not.....


Thank you :]

Thank you :)

Hello, today is a great day for all to express themselves and their dreams of love and peace!

You are also beautiful....*wink wink*

I knew you are beautiful even before I saw you ;)
Love you too xoxo

awww :3 so cute! :))

Thanking you kindly :)

I can picture it....a gesture out of the blue....just like that.
It's really the simple things like that make it all worthwhile.
Well done!

That was nice , you are Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside (hugs)

Thank you my beautiful friend :-)

Haha I love it :)

..more beautiful than words can ever say.

awww....cute :)

Very good. I hope others who read this get a smile out of it as I did.

So sweet!

Aww you are too kind, Beautiful.

back 'atcha ;)

Aww! you are beautiful! Hugs xxx

Love you too, my dear friend! Hugs and nighty night!