Teasing, Tempting, Subtly Playing - I Want To Know...

How much seduction could you endure before you had to succumb to inevitability and take?
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like a moth drawn to a flame
get too close
and end up....

There's no place for worry in seduction. Just enjoy the sensations, feel, desire, give in.

With you? About five minutes before I'd be all over and in your sweet body. ;)

Five minutes? I wonder if it would seem longer than that as you struggle inside.

Ha! A snuggle's not a struggle when two bodies meld as one. Got an hour?

I think the important thing would be to try and read the signals she was giving off, and to try and take her seduction just a little past what she was hoping for, to get her really excited too. Of course, it's entirely likely I'd get distracted from my intentions and just give in to the pleasure to be shared.

Very nicely written, thank you.

depends on the circumstances and who i would take :-)

Hmm...very true, but I suspect given the circumstances, it would be someone you'd want.

I have always felt the chase more fun than the end result but given the chase long enough. the end would be that much sweeter. :-)

Why am I not surprised? ;) I'm the same, my friend. I love the chase, but I also love the capture. However, for me, I prefer being chased and captured. :)

haha im not surprised in the least. :-) seems plenty of guys here are ready to chase

Lol. Yes, some I want to chase me others I want to run the opposite way. :)

haha right , enjoy being chased ! :-)

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With you, the tempting and teasing would be an unbearable torment. Delicious yet evil woman!

Hehe. Thanks. Good to know I could get to you. It's just too much fun.