Stimulating conversation is foreplay for the mind so slide on over, and turn me on.
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no touch will excite the mind, body or soul as fully as the right words

I agree. Engage with your mind, and friendship has foundation.

If truer words were ever painted, I don't seem to recall exactly when it was.

Thank you. I believe they ring true and are most important, at least to me.

Intelligent women are a turn on, and I'm glad for those women who know it and appreciate it.

I do appreciate an intelligent woman. ;)

As they do appreciate you. *nictates*

Peaches and chocolate go so well together. Really must try that sometime. *nictates*

Perhaps in the summer, on the deck. Candles flickering in lanterns, some fondue and great wine.

Mmm... You are speaking to my heart and soul now. *giggles* Slide on over...

God we're amusing me this morning. Did someone slip something into our lattes?

I'm still lying in bed. Have been on my phone but really should get up and make breakfast. Need my morning tea even though it's 11, lol.

That's really too funny, I was laying in bed until just a moment ago as well. To think ... if we can wreak this much havoc before we've even gotten out of bed in the morning ...

Why does that statement give me such a giddy thrill? :)

*laughing* Probably because I get the same one ...

Chatting in bed, how erotic...

Isn't it though?

Very much so

A woman is wreaking havoc on me!

*laughing* Just one?

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Lively discussion, like an aphrodisiac, stimulates those parts within us responsible for desire and lust.

Truer words could not have been written. Engage my mind, and the rest may follow.

*literally laughing out loud*

Oh my ... we are quite the doomed pair are we not?

For the record, that last line was actually mine. Think I deserve credit and royalties... ;)

Lawyers and accountants are becoming necessary to track the credit and royalties we all owe. ;-)

Yes, and yes, we are doomed, but I don't mind that fate, especially with you.

We impish sprites/Horny Lil Angels need to stick together. Once more into the breach ...

Bravado, always bravado! Also, a little sprightly singing and dancing in the rain readies impishness.

Seriously, so many inside "jokes" that I'm surprised anyone can follow us ... hopefully it's entertaining.

I know. Feel kind of bad about that. Maybe we should be more real time.

Perhaps you are correct, though is by far the most fun I've had in awhile.

I heartily agree. A much-needed and welcomed return to playfulness after a brief, sad hiatus.

You know what's funny ... we both took our own brief and sad hiatuses, but it was really that of another that allowed us to return to our former selves. Food for thought ...

Very interesting and definitely food for thought, although I am missing the one on hiatus. Thinking and praying, too.

We both are.

I know. Glad for our return to our impish selves, though.

Hear hear!!!

*smiling big and blowing a kiss*

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