Ode to the Orange Glow

It's funny how I can go from normal to ecstatic with a simple page refresh.
livelaughlovedream3 livelaughlovedream3 41-45, F 4 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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Steeped in religion my youth taught me the pleasure in rebellion and debauched pleasure seeking.

Nothing wrong with that. Find happiness as long as you're not hurting others or yourself.

This is very true for me as well!

I think it's a universal phenomenon. :) Maybe we need a support group.

Maybe we do. We can email each other so no one goes too long without an orange glow :)

Love it! You're such an enabler, lol. ;)

Guilty! Lol!

Hehe - not a bad thing to enable, though, given the possibilities.

Depends on what type of behavior I am enabling...

True... ;)

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I too, love that little orange light.

Yep, it provides a thrill every time. :)

Isn't that the truth? For me, it is often because my inbox lights up. Mail!

Yes! I love that little glow that tells me I have mail. Makes me happy. :)

What is funny is that location matters, too. Orange glow at work? Yuck. Here? Yay!

*laughing* Yes, that is indeed true. This story, thankfully, is about orange glows on EP.

Orange glows sometimes turn into a red glow on the cheeks depending on the sender.

Haha! Very true. Sometimes I do blush or get flushed, but it is all good.

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