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Devastatingly alone in the dark of a sleepless night, lost in her memories she cried.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 3 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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Hi, I cant communicate with you if I am not added!!

Your 15 word story sounds like japanese haika, I am just wondering, specialy or not.

Thank you for your kind comment. Unfortunately it was not especially created to be so.

You are wellcome. Let me be praud of You, You answered correctly in 15 words! :-))

Again, my thanks for noticing. I always attempt to respond within the word number limitations.

Great, You made rules and You`re following them. Keep on and you`ll achieve Your aimes :-)

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She seriously wondered if she would ever make it through to the light of day!

Tears spilling down her face, body consumed with sobs she watched the hours go by,

One, two, three... she tossed that way and this... four, five six... long ago bliss.

Realizing the futility of continuing to pretend rest was possible she rose. (Nice rhyming BTW!)

Her eyes were swollen and heavy; her smile, long departed. Her legs tired, they smarted. :-p

(I'm not going to be to write about grief anymore with you making me giggle! :-P)

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