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Emotional Turmoil

War ragged on inside her, sadness and joy battling for control. Neither winning, neither loosing.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 5 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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Im so in the same place! : o

It seems to be a constant battle.

It is.

This war does not seem to ever have a true winner....just a battle back and forth for winning one day...the. the next day...the other in control. ...this post of yours is a year old goes the battle within you now?

Well this morning it wasn't doing so well, this afternoon not so bad. :-)

So the battle continues....but its good that the more positive side is coming to you towards the end of your day.......maybe a couple of K-Bear hugs will help you along this evening

Perhaps ... :-)

Well I hope they is a couple of warm and tight K-Bear hugs....*k kneels down says a quick prayer....Dear gods of the Bear...please make the K-Bear hugs work magic tonight for this young beautiful woman named Hon*

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She needs both. How could she truly appreciate the joy were it not for the temporary sadness?

Such a good way to look at it!

Boy, can I relate.

Unfortunately I think we all can at some point or another.

A battle for the ages, that knows no boundaries.You are not alone brave soldier.