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Take That!

Life threw me a curve ball

I batted it out of the park

Home Run!
deleted deleted 26-30 11 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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But can you hit the heat? :)

Yes you did, you're a fighter! When the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!!! : )

I came,
I saw and I kicked its ***,
now to win the game outright.

*She rounds the bases and is headed for home,with the roar of the crowd echoing in her ears. Diggler kicks himself for missing it,as he just gets back to his seat with his hotdog in hand* :P

It\'s been my pleasure.You should see what I get up to at night....sometimes all night.I\'d love to show you. lol ;)

Excellent! I\'ll put some Coronas in the cooler,throw the cooler in the back of the jeep,and we\'ll head to the coast.I know some lovely beaches,where you can build a nice fire in among the dunes,listen to the waves crashing on the sand while looking up at the stars in the night sky,and the only one watching us is the man in the moon.Don\'t worry though,he never says a word. ;-)

I wanted to hit like about 100 times,but you know how stingy Ep is with it\'s gestures and \"likes\". Bikini top eh? hmmmm? We might have to make a pit stop before we get to the worries,we\'ll get there eventually.We\'re just going to take a more scenic route. lol

I like it.I like to take my time,and enjoy the journey.I like to hug the curves and stop to smell the flowers....taking the time to appreciate everything along the way to the final destination,which if we\'re lucky,might include fireworks! Ya! Fireworks! You do like fireworks,don\'t you?

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Heck of a swing.
Got it all.
Don't look back, and just keep on running.

Born giving a woman so much pain but if you,ve any sense never given again smile

Hell yeah!

very well played . . . I LOVE IT . . . 8D

Well done, way to go girl :)

Look at those biceps, that batting stance, those tight knickers! What a stroker you are! ;-)

You broke the fifteen word chain! Oh well, you're still one sexy, World Series swinger! ;-)


With all your fans cheering for you in the stands!

Oops I need five more words! :p