I want to feel your sweet kisses and nibbles on my neck and my breasts.
greeneyedlady72 greeneyedlady72
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l love to kiss and lick my gfs neck and i when l suckle her stiff thick nipples it makes her so wet and it turns her on big time!

Now that's the kind of invitation I'd actually like to receive. Well done!



**sigh** A girl can dream......

She shouldn't have to, this should be her reality.

I agree completely!

Dreams do come true.

Yes they do......

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Exhausted. Having dropped swords as male and female enemies, sweaty, full of passion, eyes meet...

Your soft Flesh. Warms my lips, fills my senses with. you. You are my. Forever.

Feeling your soft lips on my skin starts a fire of passion that burns deep within me, awakens all my senses. I feel alive for the first time in a very long time.....

The air, alive with us. A mingling of man, and of woman, brought together. oneness.

Two bodies intertwined, two souls connecting, passion, fueled by their burning desire for each other.

Within your heat and passion. ONE mind spirit and body. I will be forever changed.

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