Letter To Me

Ugh, Taylor. I can't believe you havee made it threw everything that you have made it threw.
Yes i know how much you have been hurt, just don't forget that everything will get better in time.
What do you know i was right, if not than i am really sorry.
I am writing this at the end of my eighth grade year, and almost my nineth.
Whoa, how time flies.
It just seems like you were hanign out with Elyse, making cookies, going to starbucks, hanging out playing rockband
Staying up all night with Brice, singing in the middle of the road, going into walmart making a ruckes.
Hanging out wiht Alex at every park.
Listing to all that scream oh.
than hanging out with your nigga's so they called me.
don't rush rest of your life.
don't forget if you have noone else you at least have me.
hang on to me forever.
i love you.

girrlygirl girrlygirl
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010