Get Up!

My dear cast away soul,

you're too beautiful to look sad...too charming to welcome defeat...too strong to be weak...too imaginative to hide inside your own world...don't close your door long enough to make you a hermit, don't shut your window avoiding to  find your own shadow, don't let the darkness blind you any longer....move!
stand on you own two your door to welcome the sunshine, find solace on a steady can do it!

don't let someone who had blemished your past even corrupt your future..fight and brawl  against  him, his presence is just merely confusing yourself, dimming your mind with all the senseless reasons and alibis...

continue dreaming because it's the only thing left in you so you can brace yourself again and land on a stable can make it to reality..don't make someone's sorrow and manipulative mind  make you cower and leave you lifeless, taking not only all of your whole being but also clouding your soul and defiling your spirit.

it's now or never..go out...inhale the fresh with the wind.. sway with the trees...adore the flowers..smell success..reach for it...create  your own world with your bare industrious hands and insightful intellectual mind..

don't welcome another fall because of him..don't stumble and tremble because of his booming controlling voice...don't look back...just look straight ahead...


UPDATED: November 23, 2012

I was right. I can get up! I did and I don't need anyone to help me up but myself.

Looking back, I learned that I don't need a man to validate my worth as a woman.

After 2 years since I wrote this letter, I can say that  I am happier now.
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I celebrated my birthday last Saturday, October 9...I had my first paycheck a day before my birthday...after two years I was able to revive my life..I started on a new career.....I WAS ABLE TO GET UP....cheers!

thank you friends if my letter has touched your heart...It touches more of mine

You touched my soul sweet woman. Blessings, Ree

I like your phrase, "don't look back... just look straight ahead..."<br />
If you look back, you see a train wreck.<br />
Looking forward, you see the beautiful scene that you have painted for us.<br />
<br />
Like flying a plane, you will tend to go in the direction your eyes take you. So keep your eyes forward, and you will lead your life towards that goal. And those who are stuck in that train wreck, can only watch hopelessly as you fly away like an bird.<br />
<br />
You mentioned that this is the turning point in your life. All your friends here at EP are behind you, rooting for you, supporting you, blackforest4u.

thanks too for reading..I have to read this over and over again so I can move on...<br />
<br />
this week is the turning point of my life.

Great. Just what I needed to hear, my own echo .... this will get me to sleep... I look forward to reading more of you later ~ thanx for sharing, BH :)