My Darling Girl

Darling Ree:

I have left you and returned to you three times before. I hope you know you will always be within me. But I do plan on shedding you once again. I have so longed and missed for primal lust, You know its true.

We have Jesus, we will always share him together. He loves us both, darling girl. I will only be leaving you, not Jesus. Jesus will always be number one for both of us. He is our man, He is our God, He fights for our souls to be saved for the love of the Father, a jealous father. So stay in prayer, seek the Holy Spirit.

I go to the flesh of a man who thrills me like no other. He has awakened eleven years of chastity. He's primal, He is alpha, and has said I am His. I am blinded and I will be punished severely. He is strong, while I am weak, He can, while I try. He plans, when I just hope, He knows, when all I do is think.

Pray for us darling girl,. Pray for our safety and for our future together. I may be gone for good....
Reenee Reenee
51-55, F
Jul 30, 2010