Dear You

To the future me,

Most likely you've forgotten about this, and are wondering why the heck you wasted part of your summer to write a letter to yourself, and I have to say it was because you wanted something to look back on before you go into the 8th grade.

Do you remember our 8th grade year? Did mom and dad let us go to the anime convention? Did you finally buckle down and ask for help in pre algebra? Man im dying to know!!

Well, anyway, how are you? Hopefully your doing well and have made up your mind on whether to be a chef or lawyer. It musve been hard.

Did you follow the plan? Have you found your soulmate? Where was he? Egypt, Germany, Russia, Japan?

I bet you miss being a kid.

Is the gang still in touch? Its all weve ever wanted was to keep all our friends tightly bound close. Not wanting to ever let them go.

Did you start the club up in 8th grade like you said we would? I bet it was fun.

I really hope all the wonderful things we imagine now have happened to you. Im dying to know of my future. If I even have time to let all these wonderful things hapen before i go to heaven at least.

Im wising us well, Im rooting for the best, Im freakishly nervous, and Im scared.

Please, stay true, stay pure, stay gold, and say hi to our soulmate for me,

The younger Envy
EnvyMohado EnvyMohado
13-15, F
Aug 2, 2010