Hi future me, i don't know what to say right now. I have more questions to ask then stories to tell, i wonder if that quality of ours has changed, i remember how our teacher used to say, "your all questions rarly answers", oh and are you as argumentative as before, how did you do on our "work on your patience task", i hope we suceeded on that. I wonder what life i'm living as i'm reading this letter from my past self, em i happy? did i had to struggle longer then i hoped for. Em i a good parent or em i repeating the evil patternes i was raised under. Do i have lots of good friends, and what happened to me and my bestfriends i hope our friendship lasted, and most importantly was i brave enough to make the decision that i wanted, did i free myself from the misery i am under today? and were my brothers and sisters loyal to me? i pray to God my relationship with them hasn't changed, do i still love the color purple and did i creat for myself the type of house i dreamt of. And do i have the family i wanted, hehehe, i hope i haven't changed my mind of having 8 kids,heheh, imagine 8 people loving me and 8 beautiful people i can love and help grow into beautiful people. I hope i was too strong to be broken down my any of those who are trying. How did you excape? did you call the police? did you go for school and never returned? did you sneak out in the middle of the night? or did you confront them, fought them and left in a bright daylight right infront of them. Em i still religiouse, do i still believe in what i believe in now? So many questions, i better have answered them all, 20 years after today seems a long time, was it a long time or does it feel like yesterday ? Do i have wrinkles? i bet i'm rocking my wrinkles right, hehe
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Cool idea. (I didn't do it yet, but I'm motivated... :D)<br />

hahah, nooo, it's funny/bad idea, it's only been two years and nothing went the way i planned, lmao ... but i laugh thinking back to the day i was typing this and the person i was and how much of a "La-La-Land" i lived in, i can really see my growth, u should try it, u'll enjoy it after some time ;)

So tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. What "aha" did you experience? hmm?

the good; i moved out (with lots of help)
the bad; lost all of my old friends(except one)
the ugly; i'm dead to my family
the "aha"; it was all worth it - new happy life with new good friends
the "lol"; nothing went according to plan xD

New adventures and roads can draw such excitement with new experiences and the unexpected.

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