To Me, With Love, From Me

Dear Me,

I hope the future has turned out as bright as you always said it would. Did you save your money as well as I told you to? :) By now you're daughter is born and your little boy should be in school. Are school lunches as atrocious as I feared? Don't forget to threaten to follow him to school dressed as a tramp if he refuses to keep up with his school work! And if there's a TV in his room, take it out. Unless he's managed to buy it himself you should know better than that! I hope your little girl's birth was as easy as you'd hoped and that she brings as much joy and happiness in to you and your hubby's lives as her brother did.

And don't forget to love that man of yours, if things are getting funny remember back to when you both were so happy. When you made him laugh and his smile just lights the room. How safe you feel when he hugs you and how calm he feels when you rub his back. He can be a prig that snaps his fingers and tells you to get in the kitchen to make dinner, that likes to tell you about "woman's work" but you just roll your eyes, sock him in the shoulder and tell him that it's already in the oven now can he please take little man out for some exercise? If you don't feel like taking that from him (or you forget about dinner) tickle him until he apologizes. He will. Then bring up how much you've always wanted pet chickens, just to keep him on his toes, because I'm sure that chickens have nothing to do with what you're doing and you wouldn't want him to be able to guess what you're going to do next. ^_^ Don't you ever forget how much you love him, and how much he loves you! You're both crazy for each other, and crazy to be together and that's just how it should be!

You've kept up the new house, right? Well, I'm sure it's just THE house by now but you know what I mean! Vacuuming, laundry, cleaning... All the things that are so hard to keep up with a full time job (and high speed internet). Now that you're stay-at-home without the web I hope you've gotten the house a little more in order. If not, darn it make a list and work on it! And don't forget about the spicy butternut squash and chicken soup recipe. It's saved on the computer somewhere, just search. Make it for your family, I'm sure they'll all be very happy.

I also hope you've kept in touch with your best friend. She finally married that guy by now I hope. You should send her a random message about chickens too. Or maybe one that just says "HUI". Ah how one stupid typo can result in a forever inside joke :)

You're loved here in the past, and I'm attaching as much as of it as I can to this letter. Read this, and feel loved. You're a good person, and a good mom. Don't agree to things that make you unhappy, you deserve all the joy that the world can give.

~From a younger SmallBirdie
Smallbirdie Smallbirdie
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010