Dearest Me

Dearest Me.

I don’t know how to start off, other than that I hope the future looks bright, because you overcome many obstacles in your life, and I hope you’re not taking any of your life experience as something wasted, because those experiences made you to who you are today, the good and the bad. I hope you’re not angry with me, that I’ve stayed for so long, and that it actually took us some years of hardship before you could get everything we wished for. I hope you haven’t grown into a bitter old woman, and leashed you’re anger out on every person, for the mistakes that has been done to you. And that you broke the evil circle and that you not repeating it.

I hope that in the future I’ve learned to be more patient, more humble, more forgivefull, and least but not last more respectful. I have so many questions; I hope that I can answer them all. I want to remind you, that I love you, I love you, I love you, and you came so far in your life against all odds, but I’m happy you didn’t give up, and that you did it with honour and integrity.

I hope you have achieved everything we have dreamed about. And I hope you fulfilled the dream of becoming a mother, who unconditionally loves her children. I hope I haven’t changed the idea of having 8 kids running around in the house, and that they have great connection with their aunty, and uncles. And that the kids are best friends. I know that’s one dream you haven’t given up on!

And I also hope you stayed loyal to your siblings. And that they have been loyal to you. And you guys have sorted out every problem you might have had in the past. Do you still have the bond between your current girlfriends, or did you get yourself new ones. And oh was you’re marriage/ wedding as you hope it would be? And did you become as religious as you wanted to? Or are you still having your ups and downs?

And how is my relationship with my sister? Can we still talk about EVERYTHING, or has the years dragged us further away from each other. I hope nothing came between our sisterhood, and that we sticked together for better and for worse. And did you ever got in or finish medical school? Or did you put that dream on a shelf?

I pray and wish that you a doctor now.

When you reading this, with a cup of coffee in your hand, I hope you can answer these questions, and please don’t forget me. Always keep your spirit up, and know that you are loved regardless.

Sincerely your past self <3
beyonddahorizon beyonddahorizon
Aug 9, 2010