Dear Future Me

Looked away, Locked the door
Left the lights off been here before
Had enough, gone too far
I know who can tend all the scars
Feel this way every night
But I know who can make it alright
And so I write...
   "Dear Future-Me,
I got no one to go to,
so if you're reading this, good for you
I know you've felt like you were all alone,
But deep inside you knew you'd pull through"
Said I can't, swear I will,
They don't care what I even feel
Head phones in, music on
Drown them out, I'll do what I want
Prove 'em wrong,my intent,
THere no time to be conceited
And to that end....
     "Dear Future-Me,
For you I write this letter,
I know things get worse before they're better
You didn't let him break all your ambitions,
I know you showed 'em, made em all believers"
Many times I have felt
A losing hand is what I've been dealt
All the mess, All the hate
Had me thinking it was too late
Take a breath, recompose
one by one, my doubts I'll dispose
so here it goes...
     "Dear Future-Me,
I must apologize
For all the times my faith was compromised
For all the days I wasted in depression
I know you've finally found some peace of mind"

I can't wait to find that peace of mind....can't  help but wonder if i ever will</3
hiddenbeautii hiddenbeautii
18-21, F
Oct 7, 2010