A Hope For My Future Self

Dear Self,

It’s me... younger you if you wondering
So how life treats you so far?
Do you already on top of the place that you so ambitiously set your heart and mind?
Or do you stuck in a place that you grow to hate with each passing day?

Do you finally find a man who match your wit and make you feel like a heroine in romance novel?
Or do you shed a tear for a man, who although has a power to make you smile, but instead make you feel so broken?

I don’t know how your life would be when you read this
Would you be happy?
Would you be proud?
Would you laugh?

But I hope you remember
That you once were a bright girl who had so much love to give and receive
A girl that looking at the world from rainbow colored glass
A girl that hopes for the best for everything and everyone
I hope you still are

No matter how much you accomplish or fail
No matter how much you change to fit to the world’s demand
Can you please keep that girl alive?
Can you?

Thank you

charmingpurple charmingpurple
22-25, F
Jan 26, 2012