Dear Me....

Dear M,

Today im writing you a letter to tell you how i feel today on the 17th of May 2012. I want you to learn from the wrong things you did now, and make yourself better in the future. Today you deleted a number of your phone of the future and passion that you thought you wanted. Today you learned the truth about lust and the difference between that and love. Today you told a secret to somebody, a secret that you expected the worst reaction for, but received a hug and comforting word and understanding instead. You realized people can surprise you for better & for worse.

You need to cut yourself some slack girl. You are killing yourself with the over thinking, the over worrying, the constant wait for the bad to happen. Honey, there are good things in this world. There are friends that care, you have an amazing job that i hope you will still have, you have family that care and yes lets get this out for the world to have a husband that doesnt treat you right now, but he is trying to treat you right for future, give a chance....everybody deserves a second chance....even you. Stop looking for love in the wrong places.
stop living a lie babe,it isnt worth it. never say sorry for you, lift your head, walk proud & be amazing. The person God put on this earth to be. There is a reason for you....there must be.....

Babe, be a good person, be you, do you the best that you can do, be the woman that your baby can look up to one day, might even become a mommy...*sigh* ....what a thought. God knows your heart babe, he knows your confused, he knows your hurting, but has He ever given you a mountain you couldnt climb?? Never. You always make it thru babe, maybe not the way you would like, but you make it.

so be strong, be you, trust, have faith, and only give love where love is due.

Love you always

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6 Responses May 17, 2012

Heart touching lines...:)<br />
nicely written....!!!!

you are most welcome mam..:)

These words hit home, glad I came upon this :)

It is odd hearing or in this case reading, the same things going on in my life. We are somewbat the same,

=) smiling so much here. Good!

I love this :) thank you, hun

This made me happy.

this is what I've been trying to tell you!!!!