Dear Fran

Dear Fran,
Firstly, I want you to know that whatever you do in life, don't trust anyone.
Not a single soul. Because something will always happen to bite you on the arse.
Secondly, nothing is as it seems. People always have other motives.
They never stick to what they say, and they'll mess you about.
Thirdly, don't fall in love. Love doesn't exist.
Love is the period of time between getting together and getting chucked away.
(This also links in with don't trust anyone, you'll get the picture)
Fourthly, try to forget about her. She's no good for you.
Even though you love her (See definition) it's all going to end badly.
Fifthly, disguise your feelings. Never let her know how you really feel.
After all thats happened so far this year you can't afford to let your guard down.
Alex was right. It's all going to happen again. There isn't the right level of communication.
And you wear your heart on your sleeve. Stupid move.
You'll get let down and fall straight back to square one.
Sixthly, find someone who will love you. Like you love them.
It might take forever, or it might never happen. Just know it most probably wont be with her.
You know the one.
Seventhly, (is that a word?) i'd say try to trust people. But that would be going against the first point.
In other words this entire experience is the fortune and misfortune of being with and without the girl I love and the girl I don't want to love.
The one person who knows what you think and feel.
But the one person who can hurt you and has hurt you the most.
The one person you know and, to some extent, don't know the best.
Eighthly, stop checking things you shouldn't know.
Yes you got back with her after 4 and a half months of being on your own.
You can't live your life in the past. You are two different people and you can't be together all the time.
Trust is the center of this problem. You are scared of being hurt, and being on your own again.
In a way you have some hurdles you need to jump.
Only when you jump them can you get over these problems you feel.
Stupid brain. Stupid pride.
FransB FransB
18-21, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

Dear Future Fran,<br />
<br />
im pretty sure now you will start to learn to trust again<br />
<br />
life is too short to be worrying about things that are out of your control (e.g. people's feelings) <br />
<br />
peace! :-)