Dear Old Pallu

My dearest me,
I see, you have grown old. Your hair is gray now, and it suits you a lot! Do you remember, when you were young you loved gray hairs. You always put powder on you hair to make yourself look old, do you remember that? You surely were crazy at that time! Now look at you, aged with experiences of life, and still reading your teenage favorite book..... you will never change, will you? You have grown old so gracefully and I know that you love to hear compliments like this. There were times in you life where you were stressed and I know at some point you were even suicidal but now I think you have learnt that life isn't all about sorrows and worries. You have learnt to enjoy life and I see you playing with your grandchildren even though your back hurts a bit. 
The house you have built with all the hard work is so beautiful. You always wanted a castle like house and your dream has come true. I am so happy for you darling! I know that some dreams have shattered in the path of your life, but I guess you have matured and have learnt to let go. You were never good in letting go when you were young. You held up to so many things that made you hurt. And now, I don't even see those lines of pain in your face. You have really grown up old lady! You have even learnt to cook now? That's the most amazing thing in the world..... Remember last time you cooked with me, we made ridiculous looking bean curry with no salt and pepper in it. I am still the same and I am so glad that you have changed!
I am so happy to see you like this. You seem so satisfied and happy. i don't know how you have crossed all the obstacles in life. I wish I knew so that it would be easy for me! Seeing you like this today, made me feel that I need to have a lot of patience. I don't know how you have made everything possible but I will try as hard as you to make things good in my life. 
I hope to see you in future, in the same way, I see you now. I will always love you forever!
Yours and only yours,
Your past you! :)

citygirl9841 citygirl9841
18-21, F
May 18, 2012