Dear Me,

dear me, 
You should talk to him more often. In high school stay away from all the silly boys only a few of them were actually worth having a relationship with. I know you actually liked him, and at the time you might regret dating him. but he makes u look at things more clear and wouldve never met the man ur going to marry if it wasnt for him. i know he hurt you. but it all turns out perfectly fall in love with ur best friends brother. he is always there for u. dont ever shut him out. give him a chance...he ends up changing ur life. i know ur scared but when u look back at this now u will realize how everything is going to turn out okay. your ready for kids. your ready to be a mother. and your husband is a wonderful man, he loves u dearly. dont ever go to bed angry. ur first fight was horrible. now reading this u shall think it doesnt make sense...but give it time my dear give it time
crazygirl013 crazygirl013
18-21, F
May 18, 2012