Dear Future Jay

Dear future Jay,
I want you to look back and this moment and laugh.
I want you to forgive the people that hurt you, forget the sorrow and pain and just remember the occasional happiness.
I want you to keep fighting and not turn twisted and cold, don't let life win.
I want you to stop smoking and cutting and start living again and please don't turn into a Druggie.
I want you to keep promising yourself that you'll never ever be like my father. You'll never cheat or pay for sex.
I want you to promise, if you ever change your mind and have kids, you'll be a better mother than my mom.
I want you to find real friends, not the fake ones I have now.
I want you to leave this country and never look back.
I want you to know that you never did anything to deserve this past, present and unwritten future, despite what people claim God to think.
I want you to open up to someone other than on-line.
I want you to finally accept falling in love.
I want you to be stronger than what I am today but most of all,
I don't want you to end your life.
Stay alive.
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

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awwww so touching i love it

This is a fascinating letter. Stay determined!