My Letter To My Future Me

Dear Future Me;

By the time you read this, we will be a lot older than I was when I wrote this. Have we gotten off our *** and done something constructive yet or are we still waiting for the Muses to come and knock us over? Seriously-- if we're still stuck in the same old rut, I have to be honest with you ---time's a-wasting and we are NOT getting any younger! Hopefully, by the time you read this, many of the obstacles I face now will be long gone. We've already spent half of our life dealing with heartache and insecurities and a self-confidence that's been slowly drained away. You can't let this stuff get in the way any longer. I am the past, and you are the future. Let me keep the past where it belongs; it's your job to keep us looking forward, to keep us going and not let me, especially me, stand in our way.
I am hoping that, by the time you are reading this, the chains that have bound me for 20-odd years at this writing have been broken and that you are free to accomplish everything I have been fantasizing about for so long. I hope that I have not dragged us down too deeply into the Abyss. As it is, if you remember, right now we are feeling that this purgatory will never end, or that, when it does, we will be unable to realize or accept that we are no longer there. I'm really hoping that by the time you are reading this, we have finally made peace with our demons and they no longer bother us.
Also, have we managed to stay married to this last guy? I hope so. The kids need us to be partners for life, they really do. They must be grown-ups now, hopefully they went to college, hopefully they are healthy and happy. How are the older kids doing?  What are they doing now?
I wonder what kind of world is out there now for us. Is there war everywhere? Has the world found a way to live in relative peace yet?  What kind of technology are you using? Did Facebook and Twitter finally go offline?  Is there still such a thing as being "online"?
Well, I'm keeping this short and simple because you know how much I hate to write letters or email.
With love,
your former self.
lifelongstudent lifelongstudent
41-45, F
Sep 5, 2012