Dear Self,

You might be dead before you get the chance to read this but watever.'d the debate go? I'm guessing you were the bomb! Ok who am I kidding I thought you were probably going to mess this up again. Lolz, sorry about that. But just think, you have had so many embarrasing experiences that it won't matter.
If you did well, then... I'm surprised. I guess you've proved me wrong. Ya won the bet, congrats, here's a dollar.
If you did OK than oh well, just continue on with your life and whatever. So how's life? Get a job? Still flunking school? Finally get a math tutor? Did you finally escape aunt Jennifer? Did you do anything productive? Are you in an appartment in Oregon or did you go to Hollywood to become a director? Oh wait, let me guess, you didn't graduate did ya? Oh well.
Don't worry, I know I hate you but I'm always gonna be there with ya, even if all I'm doing is telling you're retarded.
But in all seriousness, I respect you, future me. If you're still alive you're obviously doing better than I am right now. When your sad, just take a hot shower and eat a looot of chocolate. Works like a charm. Well, I might write again later, feel free to correct my numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.
Past me,2013
DewDropsontheGrass DewDropsontheGrass
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Lol, hey me. I actually did do some productive things but not much. I've been scared for school to start again because I think I'm relocating and well.. you know me. Sadly, our social anxiety is growing but our self control is getting somewhat better. It's summer now. I don't get to see many people for a while. Sorry other past me, I'm writing from a year later so there are no flying cars or anything yet. Music and ASMR also work like hot showers and chocolate as I discovered, so I hope future me will keep that in mind.
-Past me, June 2014

Hello, me.
This is yourself a few months into the future(so no, there are no flying cars yet. No laser phones either, I wish there were though). Well as you expected, I lost the debate. Here's the quarter, knock yourself out.
Good news though is that I didn't break down in cry in front of everyone like last time. Yes, still flunking school, but doing better than you. Didn't escape Jennifer yet, but making plans to. Did I do anything productive? Well, not for society or anyone else but myself. I've been writing a lot and I've managed to start my book, write a couple short stories, and I have been writing a lot of poetry. I know what you're thinking, because you(past me) never even bothered to try to write a decent poem, but I've gotten better at it now. (:
Anyways I have improved on some levels but I'm actually a lot sadder and more mentally insane than you. Thanks so much me for writing the some what nice letter to me, me. I appreciate it (: My future future self will write another letter back to both of us(probably around the time we start having flying cars) ~Future self-March 2013
P.S. BTW, don't use the word retarded like that. It's like when people use the word 'gay' to mean bad.
P.S.S. You were right, hot showers and chocolate really do the trick (:

Oh, and one more thing, are there flying cars and phones that shoot lazers yet?