I hope that you've followed your dreams like you said you would. Do you remember how hopeful you were when you were younger? Do you remember wanting to go out west, leave the state, leave the country? Do you remember how bright and beautiful the world looked? Do you remember looking into the eyes of your friends and knowing that you were going to leave and they were going to stay? Do you remember wanting so badly to become something greater that you would risk everything for it?

What are you doing now? Are you in art school yet? Or have you graduated? If you've graduated, are you working for SquareEnix like you wanted? Or are you working for Jim and his company? Are you happy with your work? Are you learning new things everyday? Are you still in touch with your family? What about your adopted family? How's your little brother doing? Your crazy uncle? 

How's your faith doing? Has it suffered from being in a liberal setting? Are you stronger? I pray to God that you aren't weaker. How much have you learned about God? How much do you want to learn? Are you still thirsting and starving for Him? Or... have you become complacent...

I wonder very much where you are and what you've done. I only hope that you are sticking true to your God and yourself. I hope that I am proud to look back and not regret what I have accomplished.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

You can't go wrong with an attitude like that :) just stick to your plan, even if it seems hard at times. I know you can do it!<br><br />
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You plan on going to art school? Wow, nice! For how many years? With what ambitions?