dumbass!!! you screwed up every chance you had to have a decent life. you were a very intelligent but incredibly lazy person. you could have applied yourself more in highschool and got a free ride to college but you would rather play games. you went to college any way on your own money and you did so poorly they kicked you out because once again you were too lazy to do the work. you could have had a better life with more friends you were a really nice guy but you were too damned shy to let that side out in public so know one ever really got to know you. you married the first girl who did get to know you the first girl you ever had sex with and she turned out to be a manipulative borderline psychotic ***** who cheated on you for several years while you were in denial. when you found out you reacted as poorly as you possibly could have you tried to commit suicide. you were depressed before that as well but you could control it and hide it now you don't do so well at that.

you screwed everything up to this point don't you think its time you got your **** together and did SOMETHING with your life????

sincerely, me

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
46-50, M
Mar 1, 2009