Hey You Don't Forget

From me to you

Me think you forgotten where you are going to and where you came from . I know the last nine years have be a downer but there was some good from it . Time to set some short and long term goals here , been asking you too for a while and you haven't . Get off your *** . When you get a ping you need to listen and then do .Yeah I know your confidence have been shot for a while but you need to get it together .You got some major trust issues , Know you been working on that but what have you actual done about it . Yeah you read many books and made notes but what are you doing hey look at the words DO . Hey I hope I don't have to write to you again in this regards . You really been an annoyance .

June 09

Act on the pings , don't let the yin get the best of you . Impulse has never been your friend . Your even for the year all the fault of the yin . Trust the for site that is in you ,but analyzes if for what it is really worth and not the potential of the perfect out come.

g9 g9
41-45, M
Mar 4, 2009