Dear Cherry,

(Let's say it's 10 years time)

So you made it another decade. How's it feel to be nearly 30? Probably really scary knowing you. But you made it this far right?
Did you ever make it through college? I really hope you did. And I hope it was worth it and you didn't get stuck with some boring job you can't stand. Maybe you got to study abroad. That really does seem quite exciting to think about.
You better not have gotten married! Not that you ever would. But maybe you got insanely lucky and wound up with the guy of your dreams. If you wound up with a certain ex, I hope things are a lot better and he's straightened himself out. Then again, maybe you're Miss Independent. Never a bad thing. Seriously, who needs boys anyway?
Are you still friends with Sam? I hope so! Because he is pretty much the best person ever. I was hoping you guys might get together at some point.
I wonder where you are at this point in time... Did you get a nice house in North Carolina near the mountains? Did you move with a friend to England? Maybe you're in Florida or California. Michigan was nice... Maybe you've already lived in all of those places!
Did you end up having any kids? Right now I'm still not sure if I would want any, but I'm very young and can't really comprehend what my life will be like, even 5 years from now. If you do have children, I'm sure you're the coolest mom ever.

I hope it was all worth it. All the **** you went through for years, the late nights crying alone, just wanting to die. I hope after all of it, you can truly say you're glad to be alive.

Melody08 Melody08
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

So you made it thru a stroke, eyesight damage, kept your job, still have to do surgery in your back. But you are still alive! You still have more chances than most stroke patients. You cannot drive yet...but at least you have beautiful car that is paid for when you can drive. <br />
My future acually exists if I am brave enough to LIVE it, YAY!! YAY!! Hugs, LW