Dear Fastlanesuicide

Dear Fastlanesuicide

Now I know you can't take things seriously, which was your biggest flaw in college...supposedly, but that professor was an ***hole, so forget that. Hahaha!

Anyways, I hope you followed your dream of quitting Marketing and went to university for Political Science or Psychology and Philosophy instead. You always loved that stuff. Also I hope you gave into yourself and bought yourself an oboe finally, yaaa, you loved playing that weird but beautiful instrument. Maybe you were smart and sold that violin that kept unstringing itself. Thing was probably haunted anyways.

If you changed your mind about marrying I hope you went for that one guy...yaaa you know who Im talking about ;) Gorgeous and caring he is...was...Im assuming he's still alive hahaha!

You better have forced mom to change her mind and let you ride in Rodeos again, my goodness how you loved barrel racing. Maybe you got a nice Quarter Horse from the Hollywood lines.

Dont party to remembered what happened last time...thats what has me sitting on this site writing to you. Hopefully you've changed your ways and forgot about what happened. Maybe you even finally got help, maybe you went back to Riley for help and he listened.

Peace! <3


ps. By the way avoid any milk products, you always forget!

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Don't need to forget about the milk products just get the pill for them . Got to have pizza .

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