Hey Fuckwit

You knew it was going to be like this why didn't you kill yourself

You knew it would be like this why not beat the **** out of them all and let someone shank your *** in prison

You knew your "family" even the half way decent ones were worthless you could sense it so why let them get to you why end up in that place- you know the one a card board box would have been better or throw yourself in front of a bus

You know how many people's offices you should have hung yourself in or left a blood bath behind to haunt them long after you couldn't

You knew it was going to be like this- so why not LIVE a little before you die why not blow off your grades for a few friends get in a little more trouble make life worth dying for

You knew it would be like this so why did you even try- you know what you should have done taken that nose dive out of that window taught that stupid teacher a lesson

Or maybe took the other ones information and used it to off yourself with the whole class watching you knew he had no business telling them that **** you knew it was a recipe to take your own life with

So why didn't you because your sacred same reason your sad sack is still living


tulick tulick
31-35, F
7 Responses Mar 22, 2009

the only thing you have gotton cross is the fact you need to be reported for SPAM

what did you do just copy and paste <br />
<br />
your coment should at least have some substance

too bad i can't just "go out and do what i dream of "

I love that phrase, "make life worth dying for". Killing your self doesn't coincide with that phrase in my mind. I agree that you should go out and do what you dream of. Life is short and it only comes around once.


Prayers are with you tulick.<br />
Words can never be enough, or say what can help. Prayers is all I can offer.

it is what it is all true