Dear Me,

 Dear future me,

I hope you're doing well. I hope you are married to the wonderful man of your dreams. You know, the one that loves your free-spirit as much as you do, the strong christian man you always wanted but never found. I hope you're with him and not being stubborn and stupid like you are now about never getting married.

I hope your following after the Lord will all your heart, mind, and soul. I hope you're loving people everyday, never missing a beat. I know it's hard, because it's hard now, but I know you can do it. You've always persevered, it's how He created you to be. I hope your in other countries loving on people and changing the world. 

Your meant for greatness, something bigger than yourself. I hope you never settled for what they said you should want, for what was "normal" I hope you always reached for abnormal and different. Never settle for less than what God wants for you, and He wants more than you ever could. 

Most of all I hope you've grown in love. If anything my dear friend, grow in love.

InsanelyMe08 InsanelyMe08
26-30, F
Sep 3, 2009