Dear Self...

I've been wondering, if I should join this group...but I just haven't thought of the perfect word you know.....I'm just gonna start


Dear future self...

You dreamt a lot, prayed a lot, you were so worried about the future...Look where you're now. You made it, you were strong and you pushed right through.


I remember the days you sat worrying about mum and dad, always afraid of being a dissapointment! They are so proud! All their prayers and hardwork payed off...You are strong, you are brave...and you've changed so many peoples lives...You've always wanted to, you've always cared! Now you doing it, you are putting smiles on your friends' faces...

Dad prayed alot for you, you never realized it but they love you so much...Sis has folowed in your footsteps, even better! Your example played a huge role in her life...She's beautiful...


I'm proud of you, of who you've become! Everyone else you've lost along the way...(tears)...would be so proud if they looked at you now! Just keep faith, jsut trust in Him...

Your life has become a light in the lives of have God shining through your eyes...I can't think of anyone who regrets knowing you!

You did good kid! You gave hope where there was none! You were there for everyone that needed someone...You held on to Gods hand...which has made you perfect...made you what you are today!!!!


God bless


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Thanx, but thats not true, yours would fit perfectly because it comes from your, nothing that is sincere could be less than perfect or beautiful, trust me!

Thanx...preciate it! xxx

..This is beautiful...<br />
may all ur dreams come true!<br />