Reality Check

Reality Check

Step into nothing

Fall into life

Splatters of paint

The world is rife


Willows whisper

As Dawn Breaks

I wave into Wonderland

While the cheshire shakes


In its boots the cat quakes

Whilst smoke quivers up

I melt from my apron

And tip into the rub


The flowers, they murmur

Gossip and sneer

Above me, trees snicker

I float by Mirage's pier


Threads of tea smile up from the sky

Pipes oscillate

Smoke shivering up

Half-birthday pie


Books snap shut

Open and growl

Lilies quiver with fear

A drop to the ground


Sprouting up

Meeting the floor

Winding staircases

Crumbling before


Paper is twirling

Odds defied

Teacups Clink

An ode to life


Springing up

Senses Engaged

Fear frothing over the edge

While colors are stabbing from all sides


Plummeting fast

Into Solid ground

A Rabbit Hole





Somehow caught between

Dream and Reality


Stand and dust my apron off

Ignore the echoes

Ignore the Hearts

Go on


You're alone now

You're on your own

Forget the chant ringing in your ears

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

LunalitSol LunalitSol
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 23, 2010

superb - you have a gift if you rattled that off the top of your head...nurture that gift keep writing and sharing your talent with the world...and for the record Poets are never late - they're just artistically creative about how they use their time...;-p