These eyes of mine, they're different.

They see more than others see.

What they'd tell you, if you'd only look,

Though I'm sure you'd disagree.

Quickening with knowledge,

they turn green when I read.

like every word and every sentence

plants another fertile seed.

Anger makes them sparkle

and it's such a thing to see

My eyes becoming stormclouds

dark, cloud-grey and lightning.

And blue, so blue with agony.

sadness fills them up.

It overflows in salty seas

and blues so sharp they cut.

Windows to my soul, indeed.

but no one cares to look.

so much there to know of me

laying open, like a book.

darkchild23 darkchild23
22-25, F
3 Responses Apr 30, 2010

It was buzzing around inside my head while I was trying to email someone. It got annoying so I jumped over here to get it out. lol. thanks. and they are rather like natural mood rings. But no one ever really picks up on it.

Wow, that was just written on the spot? Awesome! I like it. :)

this is pretty sweet. natural mood rings