I am Icarus

Another idea gone,
   Another dream dead,
I thought I would fly high this time
   But I am Icarus again instead
Dreams seem to open new doors,
  Ideas seem to make them real.
But still I end up not in the Heavens,
  And only the pain of the fall do I ever get to feel
Not the touch of sweet lips,
    Not cheering of the crowd,
Just feel of my own tears,
  And the sobs that get ever more loud.
Should I not stop,
  And ignore the dreams that lie?
But no, I am Icarus,
    And will forever want to fly..

Katfather Katfather
51-55, M
2 Responses Jun 2, 2010

I'm sorry Amy, but dreams die every day. It's a part of life, and some never realize their dreams. But isn't it wonderful that I can only say ''some'', and that the failure of others doesn't stop all? All should stop after seeing others fall, but they don't. Daring the pain of Icarus they leap. Some feel the melting of the wax and fall while others..fly.<br />
Dare to fly Amy; dare to fly...

who said dreams die ?<br />
great writing though!