A Wooden Cross

This cross hangs around my neck, from a silver painted chain.
Though often I've come to regret the things I do and say,
This I know my faith in You will not go unanswered.

Though the haters want to say You don't exist,
And all of this is just coincidence,
I still wear that wooden cross with pride... and hope.

Hope that tommorrow I'll be better than I was today,
Hope that this world will learn to trade love for hate,
Hope that that soon, somtime, someday...
we'll all fall to our knees and praise Your Name.

I traded my sin and traded my shame,
I gave up my life and blessed Your Name.
Cause You took the blame,
Now I'm not the same.
Bless my soul! Now I'm whole Again!
TheLivingPoet TheLivingPoet
18-21, M
Jul 11, 2010