As You Lay Dreaming.

Inspired by watching my husband sleep while I fought my insomnia.

I watch you dream, your face relaxed,
the troubles of the world all flown.
Murmured words drift softly past
like softness of a thistle blown

The tenderness you do not show
when waking hours pass unmarked
take form in searching fingers, now;
comfort found in touch, depart.

Elusive sleep, it cradles you
as often wished it did for me,
But easement comes from viewing truth--
that you love me in your dreams.

Sleep well, my sleeping lover, dream
as I guard you in the restless night;
Your world a kingdom, I your queen,
my love for you rekindled, lights.
darkchild23 darkchild23
22-25, F
Jul 21, 2010