His Way Of Tucking Me In At Night.....

Ever since I got back from visiting him, everyday has been difficult for me. I have been whiny and miserable because I miss him so much.  Last night I was laying on my bed, totally exhaused and groggy but totally worked up on how I can't stand to be so far away.

To calm me down he tells me to shhhhhhhhh.....and listen....he had been thinking about it and wanted to see if it would come out right.

Winter ends and Spring begins

The snow melts to water the grounds

The fields are green

The flowers bloom

The sun rays fall as I kneel down

I feel the softness of the petal touch my hand

Smell its perfume and taste its nectar

I feel its beauty as the gentle wind blows

The sun shines down touches us both

I have not only found but now I have touched my flower.

After hearing this, I fell into a peaceful sleep.  I was so tired and groggy that I can't remember everything word by word.  How I wished I did because there were things that were left out and I don't want to change his poem. How I wish I could be as eloquent as he when it comes to expressing myself.


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Jul 22, 2010