A Ghost In My Dreams..

In dreams can I see her,
As she is, as she was I don't know,
Maybe my memory only speaks,
And not telepathy, lets me know.
If that she still walks in the beauty,
That gave me pride and reason to boast,
Or was the beauty only in faked photos
And in my dreams.. as a ghost.
I see her not alive any more,
Al least, not alive to me,
Maybe hundreds see her each and every day,
Her alive and in beauty, they get to see..
No, no, not I, not I,
Will ever see her once again,
I paid the price of loving her,
Instead of remaining just a friend.
Words were passed , photos too,
That seemed to say it was alright to add to the messages,
''I love you''
But apparently that was too much,
Too much a thing to wish for..
Even though she never knocked or entered,
She was out the imaginary door..
Gone now is she, gone somewhere I am not,
maybe she's still there somewhere,
Sending letters to someone else at the speed of thought.
I have photos of her still, that I know now aren't really her,
I would have loved her for her just her words,
It was those I really loved, that which I actually did prefer.
So I loved the ghost then,
The beauty I never saw in full,
But I loved her, I loved her,
And thought only right to tell her so..
But truth is sometimes too high a price,
I'm afraid, and has a cost too hard to pay,
The next time I tried to speak with her,
She had gone away..
I love her still,
And always will, it seems..
But I can only be allowed to love her still,
As a ghost in my dreams..
Katfather Katfather
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

It hurts, but in my opinion am glad u told her, am glad she knows...

Not quickly, but someone wonderful is helping to heal the pain, even though she too is also a ghost of sorts. Never realized that EP was so haunted before.. But it's a sweet haunting..<br />
Thank you for your comment..