4give Me Please

Every day of every hour I find my mind pondering in the memories we once shared. We use to be so happy! what happen to the love that was there! Hurt have filled your heart with bitter sadness.. It hurt me when you cried but crushed me when the love died! I was your first love, and you will always be the only love of my life, see at first i did not understand, see i never experienced love than you came and melted my heart, i was afraid to let love in, but was more afraid of the reality that I could actually love a person. See I opened my heart and let you in , I open my mind to happiness,joy and love. We shared secrets and I told you about my past and my dreams...hell I even told you about that day she molested me. You taught me love and I was patient and kind, with our love for each other i learned how to 4give the people that hurt me the most... I made a mistake can you 4give the little girl and respect the women that fell in love with you: her body, mind and soul?
acceptingmyflawz acceptingmyflawz
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2010