I Was Always Told That Poetry Needs A Title...but...

I don't have one, so here it goes....

He snores
Once a shock are now a comfort
The warm embrace his sounds provide
Knowing he is always by my side
Always feeling wanted
I know I'll never be alone
His presence keeps me
Holds me to him
Never over the top
He keeps me grounded
Bound to the earth by his words
He is my anchor
But never holds me back
Looking towards the future
One that I always second guess
He knows what will happen
I know I can depend on him
With him around
I know I will never be lost

Hmm....not the best thing I have ever written but it sure isn't the worse.
TheWaysOfShelly TheWaysOfShelly
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I like this; it's homely and it's intimate; well done you :-)<br />
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And no ... You don't need a title for your poems; I've written lots without title and left the reader to come to their own thoughts on the piece and figure out what they feel about the piece. In the case of this poem I'd say: "Always" because most of the lines could begin with that word and it's an appropriate word to the piece :-)<br />
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Thank you for sharing.<br />
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